of US Residents of age 16+ notice Out-of-Home advertising, according to Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Advertise on Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and Grubhub Cars

With rideshare and delivery services rapidly increasing in the Capital Region, we provide local businesses with a unique opportunity to reach local consumers. According to Nielsen, one of media's largest data analyst companies, car wrap advertising is proven to have one of the highest levels of recall within the Outdoor Advertising industry. 


Community-Driven Advertising

Our efforts enable us to shift local advertising dollars back into our local economy so you can feel good about your advertising investment. By recruiting local community drivers from the neighborhoods you serve, we ensure your brand is seen where your customers live, work and play.



Mass Medium

According to ARD Ventures, one vehicle wrap advertisement can garner over 30,000 - 70,000 daily impressions.


According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor advertising is nearly 3x more efficient at driving online search activity than TV, radio, and print.


A wrapped vehicle advertisement is up to 14 times cheaper than billboards in the Capital Region. 


While your competitors fight over the same TV, radio and print space, they are slowly blending into the clutter. Stand out from your competitors and dominate the roadways by placing your brand with high-commuter drivers that live, work and play in the very communities you serve.



A 2019 Nielsen Report shows that 64% of US Residents age 16 or older surveyed noticed a wrap vehicle advertisement.


Target every roadway from major expressways to neighborhood streets  by choosing between routine commuters and Uber/Lyft/Doordash drivers.

1. Geotarget

Choose a County in which our branded drivers predominantly drive.

2. quantity

Choose the number of cars you'd like to swarm your target markets.

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3. driver

Choose between Rideshare and Residential drivers. Want to know the difference?

4. Design

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