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Car Wrap Advertising Versus TV, Radio & Print

With over 87% of ages 16+ driving or riding in a private vehicle in the US and over 70% of people's day is spent outside of their home, there is no doubt that the outdoor space should be part of marketers media spend. Did I mention, outdoor advertising is proven to be 3x more efficient at driving online activity according to Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

With flaws in all media formats, here are several reasons why car wrap advertisement can help fill the gap with your current strategy.

1. Newspapers

It's no secret that US Newspaper circulation is steadily declining. According to Pew Research Center, 2020's circulation (print and digital) of Weekday and Sunday papers were both down 6% from the prior year. This has been exacerbated by the dominance of digital media pushing out custom content tailored to a vast array of readers.

With car wrap advertisements, you can't turn the page on our vinyl car wraps when they pull up right alongside you. Lastly, why pay for a small 2"x5" section of the local newspaper in a declining audience, when you can have a full 150"x35" car wrap advertisement driving around your community for the same price.

2. TV

Due to COVID, people were stuck in their homes with nothing to do but watch TV. This was a no-brainer for thriving businesses during COVID looking to target consumers. In 2020, local TV spend increased 8.3% to a tune of 16.25 billion, according to media research firm Kantar. Like stocks, once a majority clutters for the same product, it creates a bubble or, in this case, a cluttered space making it harder for advertisers to stand out, which is the whole point of advertising.

Clever marketers try to target consumers by following consumer behavior and predicting where they spend most of their time. As COVID restrictions uplifted, people were spending more time outdoors at a record pace. As a result, marketers shifted their advertising spend over to other avenues like Out-of-Home (billboards, public bus ads, and car wrap advertising).

3. Radio

With mass-adoption of streaming services like Spotify, Podcasts, and SiriusXM to help listeners to more refined playlists, it's hard to ignore the dwindling trend of potential listeners on local radio stations. Not to mention we live in an era where consumers are willing to pay for premium services to skip ads, meaning they're more likely to tune-in to another station during commercial time. Car wrap advertisements can't be skipped, nor tuned out of when they pull up right beside you.

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