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What is Ambush Marketing?

Ambush Marketing is when an advertiser takes advantage of another advertiser's campaign by drawing their attention away from them. It can be anything from mocking a competitor's ad or infiltrating an event where it is not an official sponsor. Through creative means, this can be a very effective campaign.

At Ambush Advertising, we're not just a mobile billboard company. Through car wrap advertising, our drivers become your brand ambassadors. If you're a University in Albany looking to target potential transfer students at a local community college in Schenectady, we can help source drivers from that community college. If you're a travel company, we can help get you connected with Lyft drivers who frequent Albany International Airport passengers. We've opened up Out-of-Home advertising into a more strategic play by matching driver profiles and their driving habits to local marketers.

Still not exactly sure what we do? We're a two-sided business model that focuses on Small-Midsize Businesses and Gig Economy/Residential Drivers.

Outdoor Advertising is one of the best medium's to creatively apply Ambush Marketing. Or it can be used to solely draw attention away from your competitors on every main roadway.

Reach out today to start your custom campaign tailored to your ideal customer demographic!

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