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3 Lessons From One Of The Greatest Marketers Of Our Time


Lesson #1: The Importance of Patience

Marketing is fueled by urgency and emergency. Not patiently investing their efforts into a place of relevance.

Lesson #2: People Buy For Two Reasons

People only buy from you for two reasons. Awareness and Credibility. They need to know of your product or service and they need to trust you. Consumers have a short attention span towards ads and tend to be guarded from manipulation tactics. The marketers who value, nourish, and grow the consumer's attention in the long run will win the consumers minds. Create meaningful content that overlook short term goals and consumers will trust you.

Lesson #3: People Receive Information Differently

Each consumers process information differently. They process it by telling themselves a story. "A story about what they say, a story about what change its going to require, a story about how it fits into their existing world view." In the case of vaccines, one side can be strong proponents, but there's also an opposition side that tell themselves a story of bad side effects. You can influence the way your consumers think about your company by your brand positioning and distribute that information by using different touchpoints in their daily lives through a combination of advertising mediums.

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